Frequently asked questions

How long does "The Talk" usually last?

Typically, "The Talk" takes about three hours from start to finish, including breaks. However, the host for the event may have other activities scheduled before, after, or during extended breaks.

Do I need to accompany my child to "The Talk"?

Yes, "The Talk" is just as useful for the parents as it is for the kids. In "The Talk", I cover various topics crucial to helping your child progress through the next stages in their development. All teens must have an adult present to attend. For the boys, both moms and dads may attend. For the girls, only moms may attend. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, guardians, and other adults significant in the care of these teens are welcome, but only females are allowed at the girls' events.

Is "The Talk" seperated by gender?

Yes! "The Talk" is seperated by gender. The events for the boys and girls are similar for the first two sessions, with some slight differences. Given the content of the last session it varies greatly. If you are a parent of both a boy and a girls of this age, attending both events would be helpful.

At what age should my child attend "The Talk"?

"The Talk" seminars are designed for three targeted ages: 4th-6th grade (entering middle school), 6th-8th grade (late middle school), and 8th-10th grade (transition to and early high school). While teens all develope at different speeds, it is generally recommended that the age span of participants in a particular event not be more than three years. For more details about content of the seminars for each age group, please visit the "Age Specifics" page.

Will food be provided at "The Talk"?

This depends on the host/hostess and location. Typically, a meal or snacks are provided during breaks.

What do I need to do to prepare my child for "The Talk"?

It is important to prepare your child for the general topics that will be presented in "The Talk" and let them understand what to expect. It is vital that the kids are not suprised in the last moment and have time to ask questions and discuss anxiety before the session. We are wanting to help them be as comfortable and ready to listen as possible. Say something simple and direct like, "This Friday evening, you and I are going to get to go to a seminar that will prepare us for you being a teenager. We will learn about puberty and sex, keeping you healthy, and how I can be the best mom/dad possible for you. I am excited about it but also a little nervous. How does it make you feel?"

What if I am unable to attend any scheduled sessions of "The Talk"?

Presentations and sessions of "The Talk" can be found on the Seminars page of the website. If no dates are listed that you can attend, continue to check back frequently as new dates are added. By subscribing to the website, you will receive email notifications of public events when they are scheduled. If you have a group of 10 children or more interested in "The Talk", consider booking a private event where a date and location can be arranged to fit your specific needs.

What maturity level is "The Talk" and what terminology is used?

Because "The Talk" contains portions that cover anatomy and sex, some diagrams and pictures are used in the presentation. However, scientific names are used to describe anatomy and no images presented are inappropriate or suggestive. Do be prepared for descriptions of bodily processes in detail using vocabulary accessible for this age.